TAPA: Deploying infrastructure with Terraform+AWS+Packer+Ansible

It´s been a long time I know, but it was time to study new tools and, of course, write something here so I don´t forget what I´ve been using for now.

I used to write a lot about Foreman and Puppet and I´ll surely write more about them, but nowadays I´m using a complete different set of tools while working with short-term servers.

In this new series of articles I´ll be showing how to use these cool tools to interact with Amazon cloud and instances without logging into the AWS console or in the instances.

SPOILER: This will be a briefing of what is the so called “Immutable infrastructure”.

I´ll focus on practical examples and their evolution, and I won´t cover the mindset change that it requires you to have so you can see the benefits.

Things like:

  • “If you need to login on a server, you have a bug because you should not have to login to any server for any reason.” 
  • “If you need to change a file in a server, you should build a new server and this new server takes the place of the old one.”
  • “Don´t spend any time giving servers a hostname. Servers will come and go.”

I´ll assume you already understand what is working at “internet scale”, and so, this mindset is nothing new for you.






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