RLabs: Integrating Foreman with VMware

Foreman can create hosts on VMware but even if you won´t do so, Foreman and VMware integration still worth it since it can delete, power on/off VMs and even get Console Access via VMRC.

You should have enabled the VMware compute resource in the foreman-installer command. The option is: –enable-foreman-compute-vmware.

Adding the compute resource

On the web interface

Go to Infrastructure->Compute resource:

Screenshot 2018-09-29 17.35.52.png

And click Create Compute Resource.

Enter all the needed information:

Screenshot 2018-09-29 17.38.27.png

Click “Load Datacenters” (that will become “Test Connection” after that), then click “Submit”.

With hammer cli


hammer compute-resource create --name DC1_VMware --organization RLabs --locations dc1 --provider VMware --server vcenter.ext.dc1.lab --user administrator --password '#RLabs123' --datacenter DC1


Aditional steps

Associate VMs

Go to Infrastructure->Compute Resource->DC1_VMware and click “Associate VMs” so Foreman can control VMs not created by itself.

You can see that Foreman is now able to display the correct power status of the VMs.

Screenshot 2018-09-29 17.56.48.png

That´s it.