RLabs: specs

My lab environment.

You can run your lab in the Cloud as I used to do so until few months ago when most of the things I needed to test was related to VMware.

So, I bought two HP z800 workstations, with two Xeon six core and 96Gb of ram each. I needed this resources because I was testing the automation of ESXi Host installation itself, and running many of then inside the physical ESXi hosts – nested virtualization. But you won´t need this much unless you want to do the same.

So, this is what my setup looks like:


2x HP z800 workstation, 2xXeon six core and 96Gb of ram each.

In fact, in the near future, I´ll move one of the workstations to another location so I´ll manage them as “separated (small) datacenters”.

They´re running VMware ESXi trial for now, but as soon as I publish all the tests I want with vmware, I´ll switch to oVirt or maybe OpenStack.



My home network is:

DNS: and
DHCP range: (for my wired and wireless devices)

Everything between 2 and 199 could be used on the lab. I know I won´t need all this address space, but I won´t have 50 devices on my home network either.

So it´s nice to have all these addresses as I can now organize them in some well defined ranges, as follow: Core lab services. NATs addresses to use if we want to test hosts behind a firewall. “External IPs” for direct attaching in “prod lab”. IPs for a “dev lab”.


Domain and conventions

The TLD will be “lab” – too much creative.
Let´s call the first location as DC1, so everything in this location will be dc1.lab.

And as the is the “external” network from the lab perspective, let´s call it the External Network, abreviated as ext, so: ext.dc1.lab.

Sounds good ?

Core Services

We need some core services running and we will put them in their allocated range (2-49):

DNS – to serve everything below .dc1.lab and recursive queries DNS VIP – ns.ext.dc1.lab Fisrt DNS: ns1.ext.dc1.lab Second DNS: ns2.ext.dc1.lab

Another possible services Squid Proxy Ext VIP of an internal firewall lab Ext IP of the first internal firewall lab Ext IP of the second internal firewall lab External NFS Dlink storage: dlink01.ext.dc1.lab

Virtualization layer vCenter: vcenter.ext.dc1.lab ESXi01: esx01.ext.dc1.lab ESXi02: esx02.ext.dc1.lab

Automation and other tools Foreman: foreman.ext.dc1.lab






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