RLabs – Foreman installation

Let´s install The Foreman, and with a great plugin called Katello. This is what RedHat sells as “RedHat Satellite”, but here is not the place to talk about this software, RLabs is just about about practical HOW-TOs.

Search my site and the Internet for more information about The Foreman and Katello.

Proceed only if you have your lab up and running and will start with Foreman now.

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RLabs – specs

My lab environment.

You can run your lab in the Cloud as I used to do so until few months ago when most of the things I needed to test was related to VMware.

So, I bought two HP z800 workstations, two Xeon six core and 96Gb of ram each. I needed this resources because I was testing the automation of ESXi Host installation, and running many of then inside the ESXi hosts – nested virtualization. But you won´t need this much unless you want to do the same.

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I have a home lab that is where I do much of my study testing new things and tools, most of the time related to automation.

Here I will describe every step of what is needed to reproduce all of my tests, if you want to do so in your own lab.

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