TAPA 101: Terraform+AWS

This is the very first article of the Deploying infrastructure with Terraform+AWS+Packer+Ansible series, to show a basic infrastructure deployment on AWS.

In this post we’ll use terraform to create an instance on AWS, but we’ll do a little more than that.

We’ll create everything you need to get an instance running: vpc, subnet, securitygroup, keypair, internet gateway, route table….

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TAPA: Deploying infrastructure with Terraform+AWS+Packer+Ansible

It´s been a long time I know, but it was time to study new tools and, of course, write something here so I don´t forget what I´ve been using for now.

I used to write a lot about Foreman and Puppet and I´ll surely write more about them, but nowadays I´m using a complete different set of tools while working with short-term servers.

In this new series of articles I´ll be showing how to use these cool tools to interact with Amazon cloud and instances without logging into the AWS console or in the instances.

SPOILER: This will be a briefing of what is the so called “Immutable infrastructure”.

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RLabs: Provisioning Windows with Foreman on VMware from template

Ok, so now you have connected Foreman with VMware you want to start creating Windows VMs.

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RLabs: Provisioning Linux with Foreman on VMware from template

Ok, so now you have connected Foreman with VMware and want to start creating Linux VMs.

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RLabs: Integrating Foreman with VMware

Foreman can create hosts on VMware but even if you won´t do so, Foreman and VMware integration still worth it since it can delete, power on/off VMs and even get Console Access via VMRC.

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RLabs: Foreman and Puppet integration

Foreman already comes with Puppet. In fact, when you run foreman-installer it uses Puppet to install and configure Foreman.

Even if you won´t manage servers with Puppet, it´s useful to install the Puppet agent on all hosts connected to Foreman so you´ll have reports and inventory.

Here we´ll talk about adding hosts to the Puppet Server running on Foreman.

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RLabs: Managing CentOS content with Katello

Foreman has a bunch of plugins but none of them can be compared to Katello, a plugin that is so big, so big, that it changes the way you install and configure Foreman.

Katello is a “plugin” to manage CentOS and RedHat repositories, mirroring content and managing updates and erratas. This is called content management.

In fact, Satellite is the paid and suported version of Foreman/Katello by RedHat, but it suports only RedHat systems while the upstream Foreman/Katello suports both RedHat and CentOS.

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